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We’re Live in 3… 2… 1…

Wednesday was a very exciting day for Circus Smirkus! WCAX–TV 3 in Burlington, VT, did a five-minute live broadcast on “The :30” promoting the 2011 Big Top Tour. Two of our troupers — Sonya Gurwitt, Norwich, VT, and Noah Nielsen, … Continue reading

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A Life Based in Tradition

As Marialisa explained yesterday, Circus Smirkus thrives on its traditions. This connection to the past; however, is not exclusive to Smirkus. In fact, circuses live off their brilliant backstories, rich traditions, and in some cases superstitions. Here’s a peek at … Continue reading

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The more things change…

Yesterday,  the conversation at lunch (among some of us, anyway)  was about changes at Smirkus through the years. From a two week “circus camp” we’ve grown into a year-round organization with a full-time staff of ten and a seasonal staff … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes Prep Work

We’re less than a week away, folks! Things at Smirkus are about to get extremely hectic…but, through all the hard work, sweat, and long days of rehearsing, our troupers and support staff will be performing a show they are proud … Continue reading

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We have a Beginning!

On Saturday I witnessed a watershed in rehearsal period: the choreography of the “charivari,” or opening act. The opening gives the audience a sampling of the entire performance and sets the mood of the production. This year’s charivari music, by … Continue reading

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A Walk in My Shoes

  I’ve learned one thing in my time here as a Communications Intern at Circus Smirkus —every day is different. And busy. Clowns are trying out new gags, jugglers are polishing their latest routines, and aerialists are mastering flips two … Continue reading

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