Your Voice from the Road

Greetings Smirkus Fans!

I am pleased to welcome you to the brand-new Circus Smirkus blog! This site will provide frequent updates from the road to fill you in on current events from the 2011 Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour.

Before we get started, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Alex Zaprudsky and I am the public relations and communication intern here at Circus Smirkus. I attend The University of Iowa majoring in Communication Studies. Upon graduating, I plan to work in public relations for a circus. My very loving and supporting family (Mom, Naum, and Hannah) has allowed me to travel here and I greatly miss them, but I am ready to go on the ride of my life!

I recently finished a Public Relations and Marketing internship with the American Youth Circus Organization which opened the door to my current position. I am thrilled to have been selected and can’t wait to explore New England (this is my first time to this part of the country, and I have been told that I will get to know it well!). It has always been my dream to join a circus, and now that dream has come true…and with a very enthusiastic and talented group, I might add.

See you down the road!

Tour Communications Intern

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11 Responses to Your Voice from the Road

  1. Aunt Gail says:

    Good luck Alex. I am sure you will have wonderful fun filled hectic and crazy summer with the troupe!! Best Gail Berman ( Aaron’s mom)

  2. Larry Wunderle says:

    Hi Alex,
    Bette & I (Troy’s folks) will be following Smirkus, once again. Your communication will be great to read. Should you have a birthday during tour; watch out for the clowns! Just friendly advice. Larry

  3. Julie Zelle says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for doing this blog. We all take such vicariously pleasure in hearing about the troupe! Have a terrific time this summer, and thanks again for keeping us parents in the loop.,

    Julie (Nick’s mom)

  4. smirkus says:

    Thank you so much for the well-wishes! I actually will be celebrating my half-birthday on August 21. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I don’t think that counts for a pie in the face.

  5. Naum says:

    Have fun and be careful!

  6. Renata Roginsky says:

    Hi Alex!
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop! Parents check blogs every day – a few times (or is it just me?). No pressure, but I believe there are many eyes waiting eagerly to every tidbit.

    Best of luck and have fun!

    Renata (Jessica’s mom)

  7. Deb Heath-Rogers says:

    Thank you for this blog! I look forward to hearing what’s happening up there in the Northeast Kingdom, and your messages help me get over that little sadness when I walk by Emma’s empty bedroom. Thank you and have you read “The Girls from Ames, Iowa?” A bunch of friends who grew up in Ames and had annual reunions throughout their lives!

    • smirkus says:

      I actually have not read that book! I’ll put it on my list! It sounds like a fun read.
      I am glad I am easing some of the empty-nest pain. Continue to periodically check in, and enjoy the ride.

  8. Heidi Thomas says:

    Hi Alex,
    This is great, now we can follow Emma and the Circus this summer. Our family is friends with Emma’s family, especially my daughter Olivia with Emma…we will miss not having her around this summer, but we know she is on once of my adventures of her life with the circus!!!

  9. Liza Alton says:

    I found this blog today and will add it to my favorites. Have a great adventure!

  10. Beth Riungu says:

    Looking forward to relaying your posts to all our Smirkus fans who are eagerly awaiting your arrival here in Rhode Island. (It’s the Ocean State – don’t forget you bathers!)

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