Rollin’ on the Bola

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday to you! As I write this, I am observing Diabolos (Chinese yo-yos) spinning from the window. Diabolo is a type of juggling in which an hourglass-shaped device spins and twirls on a string with sticks. It’s another exciting day here in Greensboro. The troupers are hard at work and continue to make great strides in the progress of their show.

Our concession items are trickling in as the debut of the production arrives. Today I spoke with Cindy and Kasey, concessionaires, who were busy organizing T-Shirts in preparation for the tour. I personally can’t wait to see the the souvenir and concession tent in full swing come July 3.

Getting ready to hit the road, the concession items are looking mighty fine!

I spent some time in the Rola Bola class this morning and was, once again, taken aback at the amount of concentration it takes to balance on the apparatus. For those of you who don’t know what a Rola Bola is, it is a board precariously balanced on a cylinder. Performers balance on the board and juggle, jump, or do other feats to dazzle audiences. I am sure the Smirkus Rola Bola-ers will not disappoint.

I would like to introduce a new “featurette” of the Circus Smirkus blog. I will be posting videos of troupers, coaches, counselors, and other Smirkus staff to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Circus Smirkus. Today’s video will feature Josh Shack, Tour Production Manager. Shack has been involved with Smirkus for 11 years. He was a trouper for four years, then a counselor, and has held several other positions with Smirkus. Outside the Smirkus realm, Josh is the artistic director and a performer with “The Piccolini Trio” and has toured with Ringling as a clown.

This blog isn’t just about my experience with Circus Smirkus, I encourage you to jump in the conversation, too! I would love to get to know your connection to Smirkus. Are you a fan? A parent? Alumni? Show yourself! Feel free to share your Smirkus memories, tales, and experiences here! Also, continue to get your friends to “Like” Circus Smirkus on Facebook! We are so close to 4,000 fans, your help would be greatly appreciated!

For now, I bid you adieu!

Tour Communications Intern

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2 Responses to Rollin’ on the Bola

  1. Mary Healy says:

    Grandmother connection, Sarah and Frances Tiffin, and very proud to be!

  2. Deb Heath-Rogers says:

    Nana of Emma Rogers! As I am reading your blog, I am more aware of how much Circus Smirkus performs the same talents as the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circuses I attended when I was growing up. Everyone dreamed of running away to the circus. Circus Smirkus allows dreams to be fulfilled.

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