What long legs you have…

Hey everyone!

I was thinking that even though I have only been at Smirkus for over a week, it feels that I have been here for much longer. The familial atmosphere has created a warm and welcoming environment for me and I feel that Smirkus is home. I just want to thank everyone here for being so inviting and accepting of my presence.

Since Katrin Leblond’s arrival on Monday, there has been an incredible jolt of energy on the Smirkus campus. Though, Katrin left that evening, her partner in crime — Tour Wardrobe Supervisor Siobhan Martel — will travel with the troupers to be available for costume assistance for the remainder of the summer. Have you ever wondered where you find pants to accommodate for stilt walking? Well, just like all of the wardrobe at Smirkus, it is custom made for the show for each individual performer. Today Siobhan took measurements to create some new stilt-length slacks for the long-legged troupers.

Siobhan takes notes on the proper length for Sam Ferlo's pants.

The clowns continue to create gags and bits to amuse audiences across New England. Their hilarious hijinks are developing and becoming funnier and more polished each day. It is truly amazing to see the shyer troupers slowly coming out of their shells. By the end of this summer they will be completely extroverted individuals with an amazing story to share with all of their friends back home. I entirely enjoy my time with the troupers and have learned so much from them all… Maybe by the end of the summer I will be able to juggle!

Speaking of learning, the troupers learn their acts from the best in the industry. The coaching staff — who you will periodically meet in the blog — is comprised of marvelous instructors and mentors to the troupers. Jan Damm, diabolo and rola bola coach, is in this bunch. In fact, his skills landed him the job with Smirkus!

I can’t believe the progress that has been made by the performers in the short time I have been here. If I am blown away now, I can’t wait to see what amazing feats the troupers will accomplish come tour time.

Alex Zaprudsky
Tour Communications Intern

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