A Walk in My Shoes


I’ve learned one thing in my time here as a Communications Intern at Circus Smirkus —every day is different. And busy. Clowns are trying out new gags, jugglers are polishing their latest routines, and aerialists are mastering flips two stories above the ground. Also, each day the people in Marketing and PR  brainstorm new, creative ideas to spread the word of Smirkus.

Since this year’s theme is based on journalism, I believe it is intriguing to reporters. On Friday, Smirkus got its fair share of media attention. In the morning, a reporter from the Caledonian Record in St. Johnsbury, VT, came to absorb everything Smirkus. I escorted her around the grounds and helped facilitate interviews and assist her with spelling names and identifying people, and explained what was happening in the ring. I made sure she had thorough notes and was able to talk to anyone who was available to be interviewed — including both of our directors, several coaches, our composer, and troupers. I am very excited for this article to be published, and will share it when it comes out!

In the afternoon, Chase Culp — our trouper from Houston, Texas —was interviewed by a newspaper in the Houston area which was doing a feature article on him. It’s cool to know that Smirkus receives press from around the country because it spreads the word to kids who might be inspired to audition in the future. Chase told the reporter he learned about Smirkus from YouTube; some future performer may learn about Smirkus from reading about Chase.

While we’re on the subject of YouTube videos, check out our wire coach —Estelle Borel’s—skills on the wire, as she explains why she loves wire-walking.

Hup Hey!
Tour Communications Intern

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