We have a Beginning!

On Saturday I witnessed a watershed in rehearsal period: the choreography of the “charivari,” or opening act. The opening gives the audience a sampling of the entire performance and sets the mood of the production. This year’s charivari music, by (as is the entire show score) composer Tristan Moore, is inspired by the music of the 1920s. Choreographer Matt Williams, late of “Séance on a Wet Afternoon” at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, fills our charivari with the Charleston, partner dancing, Quickstep, acrobatics, and pyramids!

Katie Schroeder, head cook, and her assistant cooks prepare three meals a day for Smirkus' entire cast and crew.

The troupers were given the afternoon off so they would have ample time to prepare for the annual banquet. The banquet is a Smirkus tradition which was started  at least 15 years ago by a former cook who wanted to showcase her skills  in the kitchen to the entire troupe and staff. This year, Katie Schroeder and her team cranked out a three-course meal in their 10 x 6 trailer.  The meal was, in fact, a kind of Thanksgiving – in which performers, staff and crew offered praise and thanks to each other for the many gifts shared at Smirkus.

After dinner, some of us  walked to the hallowed waterfall on the Smirkus campus. I took a moment to unwind after a very exciting day and absorbed the beauty that is northeastern Vermont.

EIGHT more days until Showtime!

Tour Communications Intern

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  1. Ingrid Holcomb, trouper parent says:

    Alex – we’re curious to know who the dancers are! — Neil and Ingrid.

  2. Tara says:

    Desirae Tells us at home that the best food in the world is made right here at the circus smirkus tent or trailer.

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