We’re Live in 3… 2… 1…

Wednesday was a very exciting day for Circus Smirkus! WCAX–TV 3 in Burlington, VT, did a five-minute live broadcast on “The :30” promoting the 2011 Big Top Tour. Two of our troupers — Sonya Gurwitt, Norwich, VT, and Noah Nielsen, Montpelier, VT — performed some of their circus skills and were interviewed about their experience with Smirkus. Noah performed a diabolo routine and Sonya stretched and contorted to delight the show’s audience. Host, Mike McCune, even showed off his juggling skills at the end of the interview. Our troupers did a fantastic job of representing our show and themselves with their articulate responses and knowledge of Smirkus.

Here’s a LINK to see the video!

Here are some “behind-the-scenes” photos of our troupers on the set of “The :30.”

Noah and Sonya preparing for their TV segment

On the set of "The :30"

—Alex Zaprudsky
Tour Communications Intern

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