We’re Two Days Out!

Our Tour opening is TWO days away, folks!  The 1 pm show on Sunday is close to selling out; but there are still tickets for the 6 pm. Don’t risk being turned away at the box office – buy your tickets in advance here.

It turns out that what seemed to be hectic days of intensive training were actually relatively low-key. The pressure is definitely on. Troupers who once practiced different skills and moves for acts are now putting it all together, to live music. The smells of cotton candy and popcorn are beginning to fill the air. Props are being welded and hammered and glued and painted. The training period at Smirkus has come to a close; we’re in performance mode.

The troupers are not the only ones practicing these days. Yesterday, the concessionaires did a run-through to practice their hawking skills and gave the Smirkus staff and troupers an opportunity to do some shopping. There is quite a spread of goods that our hard-working concessions staff is selling: logo t-shirts and hats, some really cool scarves, juggling items, and other fun Smirkus gear! When you make it to a performance stop by and make a purchase — if you can’t make it, check out our Smirkus Store online!
Also on Thursday, the troupers ran through their first technical rehearsal. This first day of tech is called “Cue-to-Cue.” The performers work with the lighting technician, sound technician, musicians, coaches, and directors to practice setting up and striking the sets, learning special musical or lighting cues, and adjusting acts to make them run smoother.

Olivia Saunders, Acton, MA, slinking across the tightrope.

This season is going to rock! I hope to meet some of you during the tour. Today the troupers are running “stumble-through” and tomorrow is dress rehearsal! Let’s get this show rolling!

Alex Zaprudsky
Tour Communications Director

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