The Hard Work Paid Off

Music was blaring, acrobats were flying, and the buzz of excitement filled the air at the Smirkus Headquarters yesterday. The troupers performed the entire show during their “Stumble-Through” rehearsal. “Frontpage Follies” is about to hit the newsstands and fly off the shelves!

The troupers and staff at Smirkus are the hardest-working, most efficient folks I have ever worked with.  Time moves quickly here in Greensboro and I tend to forget that merely three weeks ago, the troupers were green performers; some of whom never performed in the ring before — and now, less than a month later are stars under the Big Top.

Our tent is filling up fast with pre-ordered tickets. Our first performance, 1 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, has a full house!  But there are still tickets avialable for the 6 pm performance ! What a great way to kick off tour!

Today the troupers are running full dress rehearsals — TOMORROW’S SHOW TIME!

Let’s get this party started!
Alex Zaprudsky
Tour Communications Intern

Upcoming Performances:
July 3: Greensboro, VT — 1 pm (SOLD OUT!) & 6 pm
July 6-8: Essex, VT – 12 & 6:30 pm

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