When it Rains…

…it pours!

Essex welcomed us with open arms — and six sold-out shows! Our gleeful audiences packed the Big Top and were enthusiastic throughout both shows. The performances are much tighter and smoother with each show. It will be amazing to see the difference between our current show and the performance at the end of the season.

It was balmy and sunny when our first performance began. Fox 44 meteorologist Steve Glazier interviewed troupers Maia Gawor-Sloane and Al Mireault for a feature on Smirkus which was broadcast last night on ABC-22.

Check out the story and video here!
During the performance, troupers who are not performing are assisting backstage by moving props and apparatuses or helping with rigging changes and dynamic rigging (where they harnessed and move the aerial equipment up and down). Some of the troupers practice their acts backstage. Nick Zelle practiced some one-armed handstands outside the Big Top before intermission.

Shortly after the noon performance, the sky opened up and a severe thunderstorm rolled through Essex. The tent crew jumped into action and battened down the hatches by closing all of the sidewalls and tightening the tent supports. The troupers took shelter in one of the Expo buildings until the storm subsided. Did the troupers just sit around? No! These hardworking, athletic troupers juggled, walked the tight wire, and played with hula hoops.

Jessica Roginsky and Emily Gare style with their hoola hoops.
Una Bennett throws some clubs with Smirkus drummer Parker Bert.

If you missed out on the Essex performances buy tickets to our Plattsburgh shows! http://www.circussmirkus.org/htm/tickets/index.html

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