Hello, Plattsburgh!

If you take a moment to look around the circus tent, you’ll notice that from city to city it is almost exactly the same inside — the lights are in the same place, the bleachers surround the ring, the proscenium remains at the top of the ring, and the entrances remain stationary.

For the first three weeks of my internship, the Smirkus tent was hugged by the mountains of the Northeast Kingdom. The luscious greenery and picturesque mountain views were breathtaking.

Our first jump brought us to Essex, Vermont. After spending three weeks detached from a “city” in Greensboro, it was a treat to see stores, cars, and apartment buildings. The change of scenery was just what I needed. I get a little stir-crazy being in one place for a long time (which is precisely why I love the circus!). I took advantage of the amenities of our lot in Essex and did some shopping — all in preparation of our next jump.

On Saturday, our caravan of 23 vehicles hit the road to our next destination — Plattsburgh, NY . Our lot is only feet away from a beach on Lake Champlain. The view is gorgeous. The tent is the same, the layout is the same, but the waterfront view is spectacular. The weather outside makes it gorgeous, as well.

It’s amazing to see all of the changing surroundings, yet, the show remains the same under the tent — fantastic, fun, and entertaining. Our journey is going to take us all over the northeast — more beauty to soak in and embrace our beautiful Big Top.

The Circus Smirkus 2011 Big Top Tour begins the first of 4 shows TODAY at City Beach, at 1 & 6 pm. Buy tickets here or at 1-877-SMIRKUS (1-877-764-7587). Proceeds benefit the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum & Kids’ Station.  A great way to end the Mayor’s Cup Regatta & Festival ! Don’t take a chance, buy in advance!!!

Next up
July 13 & 14, 1 & 7 pm, at the Saratoga Race Track
Presented by: The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs

Buy tickets here or at 1-877-SMIRKUS (1-877-764-7587).


Tour Communications Intern


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