They Just Keep Going, and Going, and Going, and Going…

Despite our smaller audiences in Plattsburgh, our troupers still were able to keep their show energetic and full of intensity. These kids — I truly have a hard time calling them that — these PERFORMERS… are truly remarkable.

They start their day at 9 a.m. and begin unloading the prop truck. They have a noon call for warm-ups and then makeup, perform a two-hour-long show, sell concessions during intermission, and after the show they clean up the bleachers. Between performances the troupers eat dinner and clean pots and pans in the pie car, and then warm up for the evening show. They perform for two more hours and then clean the bleachers.  Typing about this exertion of energy makes me tired!

Somehow, though, the troupers do all of these daily tasks with a smile — and still have the energy to spend their free time juggling, practicing, and horsing around. I believe the energy comes from their passion and desire to be performers. The tougher chores chores are just a part of living and performing in the Smirkus community. Whatever it may be, the troupers are certainly an amazing group — and they seem to blow my mind every day!

photo by Harry Powers

(Above: Trouper-in-Traning Ariana Wunderle, helps clown Colin Miclon with makeup)

See you in Saratoga Springs, NY!
4 shows: July 13 & 14, 1 & 7 pm

Tour Communications Intern

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