Meet the Ferlo Fan Club

At our second New York State jump — Saratoga Springs— our resident New York trouper, Sam Ferlo of Rome, NY, had quite the following.

Nearly 35 of Sam’s friends and family — which I have dubbed as the Ferlo Fan Club —  traveled to visit him at the show. With them they brought enthusiasm, excitement, and delicious cookies for the cast and crew. After seeing the performance Sam’s mom, Mary Beth, said, “The troupers stamina and energy is amazing!” Everyone else in their party agreed and had nothing but wonderful comments about our show.

The Ferlo Fan Club

Traveling all the way from Rome, NY — a two-hour trek — the Ferlo Fans came to support Sam.

Sam and his mom, Mary Beth

It was quite a sight seeing the Ferlo “section” of the audience file out of the tent to pose for a group photo. The entire group, energy and all, filled the midway and cheered Sam on as he arrived for a photo.

Thank you, Ferlo Fans for filling our tent with some wonderful energy!

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16 Responses to Meet the Ferlo Fan Club

  1. Arden says:

    that’s cool but shouldn’t they leave some room in the tent for an actual know, people that haven’t seen the show yet? this must be why it is selling out everywhere.

  2. nick says:

    Actually arden that was the first time any of us had seen the show. So please don’t assume things.

  3. mary saffle says:

    Considering the family has never seen the show,I would imagine they would be an “actual audience.” I am also part of Sams family and had I been able to get there,from Texas,I would have been there also.Kudos to all who make Circus Smirkus happen.!!

  4. Arden says:

    ohh i did not know that, i thought they were just kinda going to every show. disregard!

    • Ferlo Family says:

      buy your tickets a month ahead online like we did…..if we were able to go to all the shows we would, the talent of everyone involved was just amazing!!!! Good Luck and buy ahead…show worth seeing!

  5. Richard Todd says:

    The Ferlo/Todd’s really wished they could have been there! You rock Sam! Everyone in the photograph looks great! Can even see ol’ Burt peekin’ around the letter L! Love to all! Lauren, Joan & Rick

  6. Ruthanne says:

    I am sure the Whitely Clan would have enjoyed being there also! One of the highlights of my grandchildren’s visits wa when their cousin Mary Beth rode into town on the elephant!

  7. Dori says:

    Thank Goodness for Cousin Fred who Drove the bus! We all got there together and talked about it on the way up and the way back! It was a fabulous time! Such Talented kids! A MUST SEE event!

  8. Deb Heath-Rogers says:

    Alex, the Rogers Fan Club is coming to Brattleboro! We’ll see how big the group gets!

  9. Pamala and Michael Dilt says:

    Good job Sam miss ya

  10. What a great support network you have built for Sam, Mary Beth. Way to go , Mom!!!

  11. Dorothea says:

    Kudos to all the SMIRKUS team!!!! Such great talent! A show everyone should see! Thanks to all of our family for making it a fun trip! GREAT JOB SAMMY!!!!! You are your Dad through and through….Thanks for being you!!!! We love ya!

  12. Ferlo Family says:

    Circus Smirkus is for everyone and every age! We had ages 6 yrs. to 97 yrs. young!!!!!!!

  13. Danielle Wyman says:

    Awesome Job Sam!!and the whole Circus Smirkus!!!Your Dad lives on in you!! We love you and are so proud of you! Love, Danielle, Dan, and Anthony

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