Smirkus is cool…

Two shows yesterday without a hitch despite a real hit of summer. How does our staff and troupers beat the heat?

Spray Fans are a popular concessions item when it's warm out!

Trouper Maia Gawor Sloane keeps hydrated!

Nat, our tent boss started yesterday morning by opening the flaps on the Big Top’s cupola and lifting the side walls to let the air circulate the tent. Later in the day he employed the sprinkler system to evaporate some moisture in the tent to cool it down. The water in the air can bring the tent’s temperature down about five degrees, which is helpful in the heat of the day.

Since the lot was adjacent to Spec Pond in Wilbraham, staff and troupers, alike, spent as much down time as they could cooling off in the pond.

Not unlike any other day, everyone had to stay hydrated. During the extreme heat, though, it was much more important to continually drink water and Gatorade to replenish the

Trouper Emily Wunderle fans off backstage.

electrolytes lost during performance.  There was an air conditioned van provided backstage for the troupers to get their chill on between acts.

Despite the heat, the troupers performed their show as scheduled and wowed the crowds — who were equipped with Smirkus hand fans, spray fans, and water — with their amazing acrobatic feats, clown hijinx, and other circus skills.

At dinner the cooks served popsicles for dessert to cool everyone off for the evening.

Smirkus certainly knows how to beat the heat!

2 more shows in Wilbraham today at 2 & 7 pm. Tickets here or at 1-877-SMIRKUS!

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