Meadowbrook Waldorf: Students “schooled in wonder”

As Circus Smirkus sets up its Big Top today at the Washington Fair in Richmond, RI, we’d like to give a round of applause to the Meadowbrook Waldorf School, which is presenting our 4 Rhode Island performances.

It is, as its name indicates,  a Waldorf school, which – much like Circus Smirkus –focuses on community  and teamwork, says schools spokeswoman Beth Riungu. Other values, she says are “trying your hardest without competition and judgment of others; responsibility and self reliance even when the task is tough; make it beautiful, fun, worthwhile!”

“We value artistic and physical work as well as intellectual work in the development of healthy, whole human beings,” Beth says.  “Our students are schooled in wonder so circus resonates with them at a deep level.”

Moreover, circus arts are a part of the “movement curriculum” at the school.  The theatrical and non-competitive  nature of circus nurtures the building of physical and performance skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Meadowbrook has been going strong for over 30 years, and has a pre-K through grade 8 enrollment of about 150. Check the Meadowbrook website and  Facebook page for information or call (401) 491-9570 for more information.

Like our other non-profit presenters, Meadowbrook will use profits from ticket sales to support its many programs.  Once again, Smirkus fans have a chance to support two great organizations and to become ‘schooled in wonder”…the wonder that is Smirkus!

July 25 & 26: Richmond, RI
Washington County Fair
Route 112/Richmond Townhouse Road
4 shows: 1 & 6 PM – Monday & Tuesday 

Tickets here or at 1-877-SMIRKUS (1-877-764-7587)

Teamwork is a hallmark of Circus Smirkus and Waldorf education

See you at the circus!

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3 Responses to Meadowbrook Waldorf: Students “schooled in wonder”

  1. Beth Riungu says:

    Thank you so much for helping spread the word about our wonder-full school. Things have cooled down nicely here in the Ocean state and we’re setting up the BBQ ready to welcome the troupers. We are very excited to see everyone and can’t wait for the opening show!

  2. Tickets are also for sale at Belmont in Wakefield and Lickety Splits in Richmond — so you can get yours today

  3. Betsy Weill says:

    Did you know that Ezra Weill (guy in the middle, holding everyone)and Una Bennett (bottom flyer and sister of Ezra) go to the Waldorf School in Seattle! Best education around.

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