Smirkos Loading Out

After the final show on a lot, the work is not done for the troupers. Though they may have spent the better part of the day exerting energy doing two performances, they are still responsible for packing up their props, the set pieces, and other equipment before turning in for the night.

The task may seem daunting at first, but our Smirkos certainly know how to put a positive spin on any chore or task they must accomplish. A tradition that has emerged with our group to make load-out night a little more enjoyable is the use of “Load-Out outfits.” During one of our jumps the troupers went to shop at a thrift store and bought some “new” duds for loading out. These outfits are a little dated — some could be considered antiques — most of them are in vibrant fluorescent hues, and they all are attention-grabbing.

I guess you can take the performer out of the circus ring, but you can’t take the circus out of the performer.  Even some staff members have joined in on the load-out fashion scene! Counselors Willow Yonika and Danielle Kehlmann and aerial coach Jenny Ritchie all sport retro culotte jumpsuits for load-out. One of the troupers asked Jenny where her costume came from, to which she replied, “the 1970s.” Yes, load-out is a very entertaining experience at Smirkus!

Blast from the Past — Head counselor Willow Yonika, aerial coach Jenny Ritchie, and counselor Danielle Kehlmann show off their fancy load-out getups

We’re loading out tonight to head to Waltham, Mass., for performances July 28-31. I hope to see you there!

Loadin’ Out,
Tour Communications Intern

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