Greetings from Waltham, Mass., everyone! We performed four  fantastic shows in the past two days and will be at Gore Place through Sunday. Get your tickets here!

At our first performances in  Waltham,  our audience was peppered with parents of our troupers — some of whom have never seen this year’s performance, and others who have seen it four or five times. But first-timers and multi-timers shared something in common:  All of the troupers’ parents wore  proud smiles as they watched in amazement the hilarious clown antics, balancing feats, and the defiance of gravity before their very eyes.

photo credit – Alex Zaprudsky

Everyday I watch the show, I wear that same proud smile on my face. I have spent the last seven weeks watching the troupers grow, mature, and overcome obstacles. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work so closely with these performers. They teach me so much by letting me watch them practice and perform; and I greatly enjoy listening to their interviews with the press because I get to find out a bit more about their backgrounds and personalities. Trouper Parents — You’ve done a great job!

Here’s to more pride-filled moments this tour!

Tour Communications Intern

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