What Happens When It Rains?

It pours… AND the show goes on! This is the nature of show business, folks!

Last night at our sold-out show in Sandwich, MA, we experienced a torrential downpour which lasted the entire hour before we opened the house. Besides laying down some plywood to make it safer and easier to walk around, everything went on as it had routinely in the past. Some spectators did put their umbrellas to work, though, and others got a little bit damp — but their spirits weren’t dampened.

Water, Water Everywhere!

Our Big Top is able to withstand 60-mile-per-hour winds and is grounded, so the safety of our patrons as well as our staff and troupers is always considered. However, if weather does become severe, Smirkus employs an evacuation and safety plan to protect the patrons and performers from the elements.

The scattered showers even had an upside: they cooled down the tent.  Our Sandwich run has actually been quite comfortable – we raise the sides of the tent and employ large fans for cooling –  but a little “air conditioning” from Mother Nature never hurts!

TWO more shows on the lovely Heritage Museums & Gardens, at 2 & 7 pm. Tickets here or at 1-877-SMIRKUS.

Drying off,

Tour Communications Intern

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