Some Healthy Competition

Trouper Ezra Weill and Trouper in Training Ariana Wunderle get pumped for the Trouper-Staff Kickball game.

Yesterday between shows in Revere, MA, the troupers and staff had their annual athletic showdown. It was trouper versus staff in a healthy game of Kickball.

The game started out with a coin toss. The troupers were given the call and they called heads. Troy gave them the opportunity to change calls, but they chose not to, which resulted in the staff up at bat first. The first inning was intense! Kick after kick the staff landed spots on the field. I made a valiant effort my first kick and ran to first. Jenny followed and kicked a foul ball which resulted in me running back and forth between first and second base, slipping and landing in the splits — glad I know I can do that, now. On the trouper team, Julia was a ball magnet and caught every ball that flew her way. A strong effort was made by everyone who played.

The troupers, who outnumbered the staff, ended up winning; a first-time occurrence in several years of this ongoing showdown. The final score was 7-5.

2 more shows today in Revere!
1 & 7 pm Beachmont School, 15 Everard Street
Presented by the Revere Department of Recreation

Tix at the Rec Department, online HERE  or at 1-877-SMIRKUS (1-877-764-7587)

See you at the circus!

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