Backstage Tour

Kennebunkport, Maine, welcomed us with two sold-out shows yesterday and we performed our 50th show of the season! The troupers prepared in the backstage tent (as usual). But you may be wondering what goes on in the backstage area at Smirkus. Here’s your exclusive backstage tour!

Before the show, the troupers all gather in the backstage area to put on their costumes in their respective dressing rooms, put on makeup, and set their props for the show. The clowns gather in a special section of the backstage tent known as Clown Alley. They keep their costumes, makeup, and props in steamer trunks. Traditionally the clowns were separated from the rest of the cast because they use baby powder to set their makeup, and the other performers did not want baby powder anywhere near THEIR costumes! The clowns still employ the use of baby powder to set their makeup — thus their tradition lives on.

Sam Gurwitt applies his clown makeup in Clown Alley

During this preparation time, several of the performers pump themselves up by listening to music, relaxing with a book, or chatting with their friends.

Sam Ferlo jams out to some tunes backstage.

Maia Gawor Sloane listens to some music and applies makeup backstage.

If you look around the backstage tent, you would notice the racks of colorful costumes, tables full of props and set pieces, a table with a sewing machine for those last minute “oopsies,” and large apparatuses for the troupers to perform on. It’s a chaotic storage area, but it has its own, well-thought-out organization.

Emma Rogers and Alyson Mattei chill backstage.

Two more sold out shows in Kennebunkport today! We jump to Freeport, Maine, tomorrow!

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