High Fashion in Freeport

Wow! So much to say about our first day of shows in Freeport!

Yesterday afternoon the troupers were called to have Council in the tent. However, this was no ordinary council meeting. Today was WATER COUNCIL! This long-running Smirkus tradition is a huge water fight where the staff ambushes the unsuspecting troupers. The troupers were set, the staff, who had spent the entire morning filling water balloons, squirt guns, buckets of water, and other fillable containers moved into action. The sidewalls had been let down after the afternoon show so the staff could walk around and spring into action without being seen. After we heard the first scream from the inside of the tent, we SOAKED the troupers… but you can guarantee that they didn’t put up a fight.

We celebrated Katie and Nikki’s birthdays at dinner and gave them a pie — π — in the face. Also, Katie’s parents sent delicious cake to celebrate the event!

At the evening show the troupers and Troy gave a girl from Make A Wish and her family a special hands-on backstage tour. The tour allowed the girl and her family to try the aerial fabric, walk on a tight wire, juggle, jump on the trampoline, hula-hoop, and meet the clowns in Clown Alley. The family had a fantastic time — and once again, Smirkus made a difference!

Perhaps the most exciting event of the day was the troupers’ “HAUS OF MAGNUS — Thrift Store Fashion Show.” On jump days the troupers often request to make vists to the Salvation Army (dubbed as “Sally’s”), Goodwill, and other local second-hand shops. Last night the troupers and production staff presented a half-hour-long, spectacle of all things fashion in the big top. There was a runway, specially designed lights, and a soundtrack. Magnus Giaever hosted the event.

Magnus introducing the Fashion Extravaganza

Country Chic

Flashback to the '80s

Freeport has been quite the exciting place! Two more sold-out shows today and then we jump to Killington, Vermont, tomorrow!

Tour Communications Intern

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  1. Beth G. says:

    Alex — excellent entires as usual. Any way for you to upload all the pictures you have taken of the kids so parents can retrieve and enjoy them?

    Beth Greenberg

    • smirkus says:

      Thanks, Beth!
      I plan on giving them all to Smirkus before I leave for home. I would liked to have had them uploaded to Flickr during tour, but our internet on the road doesn’t allow for it. I will let you know when I see them online!

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