The Many Hats We Wear

Ezra Weill catches a hat on his elbow during the Hat Manipulation Act. (photo by Alex Zaprudsky)

Anyone who has worked for Smirkus knows that at the end of everyone’s job description there is a clause: “and as needed.” This “as needed” statement extends from the tent crew workers to the musicians, to the communications intern, to the troupers. Working for Smirkus means “ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

When the tent is going up, our backlot manager, Jesse Barbour, assists the raising of the canvas and the installation of the bleachers. After the tent is up and we are prepared for shows, many times you can see a tent crew member manning a spotlight during the show.

Our drummer, Parker Bert, can often be found in the Pie Car cooking up a feast with our cooks. Our wardrobe supervisor, Siobhan Martel, can be spotted donning a foam red nose hawking clown noses or soundtracks during intermission for the concessionaires. Troupers also spend their intermission selling novelties, cotton candy, popcorn, or beverages.

I have experienced several sides of the circus this summer. I have helped hawk concessions items, run spotlight, helped tear down the concessions tents during load out, and help dismantle the ring with the troupers during load out. I even helped take out stake posts during our load out in Waltham, Mass., when EVERYONE on staff was recruited to tent crew for the day!

It takes many talents to fulfill your job here at Smirkus — which is why every day is an exciting one!

Over and out,
Tour Communications Intern

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