Weather or not . . . the show DID go on

Smirkus clown "weatherman" Magnus Gaiever shelters inside the Big Top during the hailstorm. Photo by Mimi Leveque.

We ended our 2011 season yesterday with a bang: thunder, lightning and hail the size of . . . grapes? . . . marbles? . . . pummeling the Big Top for a short but impressive burst. But performers and audience alike weathered the mid-day and evening storms with aplomb, and the Circus Smirkus 2011 Big Top Tour took its final, joyful bow.

Smirkus fans after the show/

We want to extend a huge thank you to the tens of thousands of people who came to our shows this summer, to the businesses and organizations that supported us and helped us spread the word about our shows, to the families of our troupers who parted with their talented offspring for 10 whole weeks.  A special thanks to the children (of all ages) who filled our tent with the kind of laughter that can’t be found on a sound-track.

Circus Smirkus is still humming in the off-season.  Our school residency programs are in full swing (click here to bring a circus artist to your child’s school). Registration for our Smirkus Summer Camp will begin before you know it.  And we continue our work raising funds to keep the Big Top Tour on the road!

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See you down the road!

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  1. JoAnn Barbour says:

    I enjoyed following you this season and seeing you in person while you were in Waltham, Mass. A long way from North Carolina where I live… Have a creative off season!!

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