A wonderful secret about our shows in Freeport, ME

Kids who might not get a chance to see Smirkus are hosted by the “Magic Matinee” program at Freeport’s Merriconeag Waldorf School

Not everyone knows that more than half of all Smirkus shows are used as fund-raisers by other non-profits. Our shows in Freeport, ME today are among them. They’re sponsored by the Merriconeag Waldorf School.

Merriconeag has been an enthusiastic partner for the past 8 years.

“Our presentation is truly a community event, and Circus Smirkus has become the hub of our performing arts wheel that allows us to travel far in the Greater Portland area, “ says school spokeswoman Trace Salter. “ Smirkus proceeds give us fuel for the trip.”

The school splits its Smirkus earnings between the operating budget, tuition assistance and circus arts. “We take the inspiration of what Smirkus brings and live on it all the year through,” Salter says. . This year, the Australian troupe C!RCA, came through for a Master Class with Merriconeag’s  7th graders.

In addition to raising money for its own worthy aims, The Merriconeag Waldorf School does a tremendous job sending children-in-need, and their families, to the circus through its “Magic Matinee” program. Merriconeag solicits sponsors for the program, using 100 percent of all donations to give these kids a trip to Smirkus.

Here’s what one Big Brother, who brought his “Little” to a Smirkus show, wrote to the school: “I’d like to personally thank you, and the folks associated with Circus Smirkus, for the opportunity you provided [us] to attend a Circus Smirkus show for the first time. It was beyond our expectations; the talent of the performers amazed us…the clowns kept us laughing the entire show. You provided us with a memory of our friendship that will last for years to come.”

Smirkus founder Rob Mermin

Smirkus founder Rob Mermin visited the school this summer, and said the Magic Matinee program “perfectly embodies the spirit of the original Smirkus mission. It is the best example of reaching out to kids, families and businesses in the area to share in an experience of joy, caring and friendship. The wonderful work the school does in creating a community event through the circus is a life-affirming inspiration for everyone.”

Over the years, Circus Smirkus has helped other non-profits to raise an estimated $2.5 million for their own worthy causes. We’re proud to partner with the Merriconeag Waldorf School and their efforts. And thank you to the following sponsors:

Portland Volvo
FairPoint Communications
New England Foundation for the Arts
Royal River Natural Foods

Shows today and tomorrow are at 1 & 6 pm. However, there are no advance tickets left! If you’ve missed out, you can arrive at the ticket booth 1 hour before showtime and add your name to a waiting list. People will be admitted based on space available in the tent, but a seat is not guaranteed.

OR: catch up with Circus Smirkus in Kennebunkport, Me Aug 9 & 10th! THOSE shows will benefit the Kennebunkport Consolidated School.   Information and tickets available here and at 1-877-SMIRKUS (1-877-764-7587)

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  1. Trace Salter says:

    Thank you, Smirkus, for helping us spread your joy and inspiration throughout the community. We couldn’t make any of this Magic happen without you! And thanks to Evan for helping tell our story. :O)

  2. LifeSync says:

    So correct, I did not know about this. Appreciatively, Julie

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