Same Bunk, Same Tents, Same People… New City!- Wednesday, July 3rd


When I woke up Monday morning, something felt different. I was in the same bunk with the same roommate (Sarah, one of our cooks) and walked past the same tents, but my surroundings were entirely different!


We got to St. Johnsbury on Sunday afternoon, and spent the rest of the day and all day Monday setting up for the shows- Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm and 6pm. Breakfast was a bit later than usual, at 8:30am, so I had time to go for a run before we ate. Being in an actual town, as opposed to a more rural area like Greensboro, is quite a change for me. When I go running, it’s nice to pass other people and to see the main street of the town, though I’m already missing the abundant green mountains of Greensboro!


After being dropped off at the St. Johnsbury site, Leonard Field, by their homestay families, the Troupers got right to work unloading the props truck and setting up the ring. Sawyer Oubre and Lindsey Barrows carried in some props for hand balances, and Sarah Tiffin and Emma Rogers laid down some woodchips on the grass under the ring. Smirkos, I’ve realized, have an intense appreciation for every part of the circus and circus lifestyle – from the performance itself to unrolling the ring carpet to putting on clown noses carefully in “Clown Alley”, the corner of the backstage tent where the clowns all gather to get ready.


St. Johnsbury is a new site for Smirkus, so we were all ecstatic when we found out that not only one but BOTH of our shows on Tuesday had completely sold out! A lot of hard work goes in to making the show happen every time, and while we it’s no fun to turn away families who come to the site hoping to buy tickets on the day-of, excited to see the show, it’s rewarding to know that everyone’s efforts – in designing, producing, and promoting the show – have paid off.


It’s empowering and exciting to be on the road, and to see the Troupers perform for a different crowd every day. Shows have been selling out so pick up tickets here if you want to come see Oz Incorporated this summer!


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2 Responses to Same Bunk, Same Tents, Same People… New City!- Wednesday, July 3rd

  1. Cheryl says:

    I saw your performance for the first time yesterday…..I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Everyone did an amazing job. My grandchildren also loved it. Congratulations on a wonderful job, and thank you all for sharing your amazing talents with us.

  2. Patricia Francis says:

    I , at 71, had never seen a Smirkus performance before Saturday. It is Wednesday-I have now seen TWO, and was enthralled both times! The talent and enthusiasm under that big top is amazing. Thank you so much!

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