Families that Play Together Stay Together!

Mid-morning yesterday, everyone gathered on the lawn in front of the Pie Car for the annual Staff-Trouper Kickball Game. The sun beamed down on the sunny diamond behind Montpelier High School and dust swirled with every step as the staff took the field and Troupers lined up to kick. With limited coordination and boundless enthusiasm, the game began.


Trouper Arianna Pitches


Tent Boss Nat Winds Up to Pitch

There were no “3 strikes you’re out” type of rules, and the game involved as much cheering and jeering as actual kicking and running. Some kicks resulted in home-runs and yet, some innings ended after the first three kicks in a row were caught, resulting in outs. Distracting players, blocking the paths of runners and generally causing mayhem were not only allowed but encouraged.

Tent Crew Member Matthew Blocks Trouper Cam from Home Plate (Cam still made his home-run!)


“Left-Right-Woo Woo-Woo Woo”

The score kept fluctuating, sometimes it was 4-4, other times it was 1-12, demonstrating the insignificance of the score. Though the score didn’t matter, the rivalry between the Troupers and staff kept the game fun and fast-paced. It wrapped up at lunchtime with the staff ahead, 12-6.

High fives all around!

High fives all around!

As it ended, the Troupers and staff high-fived and in truly good sportsmanship, the Troupers put hands in for a “2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?” in honor of the staff. Though tour isn’t just fun and games, we get through the hard times with the good ones. After all, families that play together, stay together. The game concluded as any fun activity should, with Troy Wunderle surprise soaked with a cooler of water.

Soaking Troy

Soaking Troy

Today, Wednesday is our last day in Montpelier! The shows are at 2pm and 7pm. Get your tickets at www.smirkus.org or by calling 877-SMIRKUS.

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