Sailing Into the Sunset

Dogs, Tents and Sunshine

Dogs, Tents and Sunshine

Dear Smirkus Family,

The final few days in Greensboro flew by, and suddenly the time has come for me to head home. Three weeks of pre-tour and seven weeks on the road all blurred into one fantastic dream. I wrote this sitting on the porch of the barn, surrounded by Troupers giving final hugs before they departed. Some barely noticed their parents arrival, so absorbed in their last moments together for summer.

Smirkus is much more than a place, it’s a feeling that takes over you. It’s joy and exhaustion; it’s dedication and love. Most importantly though, it’s something that each person touched by Smirkus can carry with them after they leave, for the rest of the day, for the rest of the year, for the rest of their lives. In no way can one post describe all of the big adventures and special little moments this summer has brought.

There were mud puddles as deep as my rain-boots, and rainbows glistening across the entire sky. Sometimes we were attacked by millions of mosquitos; others times we were attacked by Troupers with water guns. I was patiently taught how to climb rope, walk across the wire, juggle three balls (sometimes), hang from fabric, and improve my handstand. I explored the countryside, from the magic trees in Waltham, MA to the beaches of Cape Cod and Maine. And at night, as the day was coming to a close, I watched the sunset from 14 different towns across 5 states.

It’s been a blast, Smirkus. I’ll treasure the memories. Thanks for adventuring with me and smooth sailing!

See you down the road,


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3 Responses to Sailing Into the Sunset

  1. Miriam Rosenblum says:

    A huge thanks for your wonderful posts this summer. You beautifully captured and shared so many aspects of the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour. Thanks for taking us along with you these past ten weeks.
    See you down the road, Miriam

  2. Elizabeth Stubbs says:

    Thank YOU Emma! It has been a pleasure reading your posts and those who have been written by guests. You have a lovely way with words and I have enjoyed seeing our beautiful circus through your eyes. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

  3. Liz Milbrodt says:

    I did enjoy your blogs so much. It was such a colorful way for us stay- at- homes to enjoy and feel the wonders of Smirkus. Love you all……Judy and Gypsy’s mom in Ohio.

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