We’ve Only Just Begun

Salutations, Smirkus Friends and Family,

Well, it’s official, the 2015 Bon Appétit Circus Smirkus crew has assembled! Saturday, June 6, our uber-talented group of Smirkos arrived one after another with enthusiastic hugging, emotional reunions and electric excitement.  


The next few days are tough ones for these magical mavens of talent. They began to train with our stellar coaching staff yesterday, June 7, where they were able to show their talents in…well, we’ll just leave that a secret until June 28th when Bon Appétit opens! The coaches observe each Trouper closely while giving instruction, and simultaneously these highly professional masters of their craft are putting together the final acts for the tour! We are so lucky to have such an amazing staff!

2015 Smirkus Tour Coaches and key support staff.

2015 Smirkus Tour Coaches and key support staff.

In addition, we are gearing up for our official Smirkus Camp Ribbon Cutting, tomorrow, June 9, the Big Top Tour Troupers will join the Camp staff with a very special circus-style procession to kick off the event! We would like to cordially invite you to the fun fantastic festivities. We have planned something that will be one for the Smirkus history books…so dust off those clown shoes, put on your best red nose and come to this once in a lifetime event!

RSVP to the Ribbon Cutting by clicking here!



Sharing horizons that are new to us,

Watching the signs along the way,

Talkin’ it over, just the two of us,

Workin’ together day to day together,

  • The Carpenters, We’ve Only Just Begun
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  1. Bette Wunderle says:

    Hi Angelia, Could you send us the Circus posts on <blwunder@vermontel.net >? We are getting them through our daughters web blog . Thanks, This is Troy’s Mom saying “keep us posted!!! Thanks,Bette >

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