Fun in the Sun!

Happy Tutu Tuesday!

Yesterday the campers kicked off the second week by planning their acts for the Session II Showcase! These kids have been working incredibly hard and we are so looking forward to sharing their progress with friends, parents and family on Friday. From clowning to pyramids, to Spanish web routines, and diabolo, you are in for a real treat as campers will show off their acts in Mama Mia! The first week everyone spent time developing new skills, building on foundations and brainstorming their final performance but now the focus is (almost) entirely on creating those acts. Parents, be sure to bring a camera to capture the magic!

Campers will perform their acts on Friday in Mama Mia!

Campers will perform their acts on Friday in Mama Mia!

However, since this is Smirkus Camp and there’s always time to play and have fun, the campers aren’t thinking about their acts 100% of the time. Especially in this insane hot Vermontian heatwave – we can barely handle the low 80’s over here! There’s only one way to cool off and relax in this hot July weather… SPRINKLERS AND WATER GUNS! Check out the hilarity that ensued yesterday on the Brown (aka the Green between the dorms Marcaeu and Chaplin) while kids filled up baby pools and left no bucket of water unturned upon a counselor’s head. There’s more to see on the Flickr account!

Campers reading on Chaplin's front porchIMG_4449Smirkus Counselor Ezra is keeping kids coolReady for action!

All the best!



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