Smirkus Camp Staff Talent Show

Last night was a special night for Session II campers because Smirkus Camp Staff had the opportunity to share our skills with the campers in the Staff Talent Show! We have an incredibly skilled staff. Being able to see everyone’s professional acts really is a treat. The campers LOVED seeing their coaches, counselors and office staff perform, giving us a glimpse into their professional lives as living, breathing, and hard-working circus performers! The campers see their own potential reflected in the coaches (many of whom were once Smirkus campers and Smirkus Troupers too!)

2015 Camp Staff watching their fellow performers at the Staff Talent Show.

While campers come to 41 Clown Alley to experience the Smirkus magic, it’s our phenomenal staff who create this magic year after year. From the dining hall to Chaplin & Marceau, to Mamma Mia & Natalie, from Nurse Alice in Flo, to Danny on his bicycle, to the riggers who keep us safe, to the office staff who keep things rolling, to Clown Alley, a big thank you to our staff for working so hard, sharing their skills, and creating this Smirkus magic!

Campers and Staff cheer each other on!

Check out some of my favorite photos from the night and see the Flickr album “Smirkus Staff 2015” for even more!

A poi fire performance by counselor Nick.

Clowning Coach Sam getting stuck on the Spanish Web!

Past Smirko and Current Aerial Coach Doug performing his Spanish Web act.

Counselor Tess rolls into the ring!

Acrobatics Coach Oriana flips up dishes using her rolla-bolla and catches them on her head.

Acrobatics Coach Andrew performing on Spanish Web.

Oriana performs her amazing rolla-bolla act!

Oriana performs her amazing rolla-bolla act!


About Hula Hooping Hannah

Hannah Stanton-Gockel is a graduate of Ohio University, a fluent Spanish speaker, world traveler and a hula hoop circus performer who devotes her life to story-telling both onstage and off. With a focus in marketing and the guts to venture anywhere, Hannah currently works as the PR intern for Circus Smirkus in Vermont. You can follow her as she finds her purpose in this circus on Instagram @hulahoopinghannah.
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