End of Session II, Beginning of Session III

Session II ended with a bang! 85 kids in one circus tent, performing 10 different acts, an opening, a finale and a “Hup! Hey!” for our Smirkus family audience! It is a true mark of skill and professionalism that every single camper worked together to create an entire show with our talented coaches. The campers performed with beaming smiles and bright eyes. We are so proud of our campers for the hard work they put in the past two weeks, going outside their comfort zones, learning challenging new pyramid combinations, tumbling, and choreography. Congratulations to all for a successful show!

Smirkus Camp at Tour

Photos are still being uploaded onto the Flickr account from Session II, so keep an eye out for more!

Hup, Hey!
Session III began yesterday when campers arrived for a week of Smirkus. Already we’re anticipating a pie car-full of fun with these kids! Kicking off the first day of camp, the schedule includes The Morning Run, Warm Ups, then jumping right into rotations (clowning/performance, juggling, acrobatics, and aerials!) Check out the hysterical photos of registration day in the meantime! As always, photos from Session III will be uploaded daily onto the Flickr account. Look for the album called “Session III”!

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Hannah Stanton-Gockel is a graduate of Ohio University, a fluent Spanish speaker, world traveler and a hula hoop circus performer who devotes her life to story-telling both onstage and off. With a focus in marketing and the guts to venture anywhere, Hannah currently works as the PR intern for Circus Smirkus in Vermont. You can follow her as she finds her purpose in this circus on Instagram @hulahoopinghannah.
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  1. Heidi Steinert says:

    Hi Hannah: Where are the photos you mention, from Session 3 registration day? You mention that they are posted in your blog, but I can’t locate them:-(

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