Exactly Where We Left It

The campers have left, the tents are coming down, and we’re left with a summer of incredible memories here at Breezy Avenue. Here at Smirkus Camp, we feel so lucky that we are the ones setting the precedent for this new era of camp. After 25 years, we found our forever home and it could not have happened without the immense support of countless volunteers, eager campers, a tireless staff, and everyone who donated time, money, and love to making Smirkus Camp everything that it is.


We found where the rainbow ends. Photo by Amira Silverman.

Camp ended with final shows for all three programs, starting with Ensemble’s “The End of the World” show on Friday. What a fantastic show! Campers incorporated fears and mission-impossibles into the performance with birds on the wire act, clowning acts about surviving floods, a mad scientist wacky trampoline act, and a hoop-diving grand jewel heist. Then Road Show performed their wonderful half hour show, followed by the incredible Individual Acts showcase. Shoutout to Lois Chermansky who pushed past her injury and performed her entire Lyra act with the use of only one foot. She is an inspiration! 


Lois’ Lyra performance.


Janette Oubre performs her individual rope act. Photo by Amira Silverman.

This post features photos taken by the remarkable Session V Camper Amira Silverman. Thank you for capturing the beauty of camp this summer, Amira! You can see more of Amira’s photography on her Flickr page. 

Please keep an eye on the Smirkus Camp Flickr account, where I will be uploading the last of the photos over the next few days.


Smirkus staff performs a song. Photo by Amira Silverman.



Aerial Coach Shannon McKenna performs. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Look to the moon and the stars will shine over you. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Sunset Juggling. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Mamma Mia from the Dream Barn. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Resting on the tight wire. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Juggling perspective. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Smirkus Friendships. Photo by Amira Silverman.


Balance. Photo by Amira Silverman.

As I reflect on the summer, I am really in awe of the world that Circus Smirkus has created. I leave this summer inspired by the many wonderful people, campers and coaches I have met. Smirkus Campers come here for an extended time every summer and they push themselves out of their comfort zones, trying new skills and developing strength, coordination, stage presence and, most importantly, lasting friendships. The fearlessness of these kids to say “YES!” to this experience, to wholly live in this magical world where the ordinary rules do not apply has inspired me immensely. As we grow older, I think it is easy to stop trying new things, to stop pushing our comfort zones, to stop improving. Smirkus Camp has brought such a sense of possibility and magic back into my life, and I am so grateful for every moment this summer.


The tents over Standard Mountain. Photo by Amira Silverman.

Thank you for allowing me to share this summer with you, and as always, see you down the road!

“Another Smirkus summer wrapped up. Every summer, I show up to wherever the tents are, and reunite with a big piece of my heart. This year, I know exactly where I left it, and can’t wait till I see it again.”

-T Lawrence Simon, Smirkus Camp Aerial Coach and Individual Acts Director

All the best,

Hannah Stanton-Gockel


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Hannah Stanton-Gockel is a graduate of Ohio University, a fluent Spanish speaker, world traveler and a hula hoop circus performer who devotes her life to story-telling both onstage and off. With a focus in marketing and the guts to venture anywhere, Hannah currently works as the PR intern for Circus Smirkus in Vermont. You can follow her as she finds her purpose in this circus on Instagram @hulahoopinghannah.
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  2. Liz Milbrodt says:

    Beautiful pictures, Amira and wonderful story again, Hannah. It has been so wonderful keeping up with Smirkus through your eyes. Thank you so much.

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    Hannah – Thanks for allowing everyone to share in the highs and highs of Smirkus Camp’s first summer in our permanent home. Your posts have been fun to follow. And a big thanks to Amira for her spectacular photographs.

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