Welcome and Welcome Back!

Dear Smirkus Family and Friends,

It’s finally happening! Troupers arrived yesterday full of excitement for  another summer of travel, marvel, and circus magic! Our tour’s theme this year is Up, HUP, and Away: The Invention of Flight! Join us this summer for a high-flying show that soars into the wild blue yonder! With flocks of jugglers, high-larious clowns, and air-borne aerialists, our show will take flight!


Things have been quiet here the last few days; our counselors, administrators, cooks, interns, and crew have been hard at work preparing the facilities to welcome the Troupers home.

My name is Jane Medoro, your tour PR intern for the summer. I’m a rising senior at Miami University all the way from Ohio studying literature, writing, and marketing. I will be your guide to all things Big Top Tour-related. I’ll also be traveling with the Troupers documenting all their high-flying antics. I’m new to the circus so I’m counting on the kids and crew to help me get accustomed to the life.

For all your Smirkus Camp-related content, follow Aaron, my double here in Greensboro. He’ll be holding down the fort at camp while we go on the road.

This tour blog will be updated regularly with pictures, video and musings about tour events, highlights and, of course, the performances so visit often! Also, don’t forget to check out our facebook, twitter, and instagram feeds to get the most up to date photos, video and content. Follow the tour on snapchat at circussmirkusvt and camp at smirkuscamp for up to date info on Smirkus adventures.

Take care!


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