Onwards to Essex, VT!

Dear Smirkus Family and Friends,

Two shows down, sixty-four to go folks! We opened tour at our home in Greensboro to some enthusiastic crowds on Saturday before speeding off to Essex Junction for our next six shows from the 28th to the 30th.

If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m not a circus performer. But believe me when I say, that these kids do things that are astounding. I remember watching part of dress rehearsal only a few days ago and starting to tear up. What this crew accomplishes in such a short time is both delightful and humbling.

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As I said, my background is not in circus, more in theatre, so I’ve experienced a lot of tear downs. However, the one I saw Saturday night was unlike any I’ve seen before. Troupers and crew were quickly and carefully packing props away as soon as they were out of the ring. The moment our 6 o’clock show was over, our tent crew sprang into action and they haven’t stopped since. In about 36 hours, our big tops were torn down, traveled 60 miles, and were put up again in Essex.

We’ve only just begun folks! I can’t wait to see what the summer has in store for us yet! And so I will leave you with the words of Rabbi Ira J. Schiffer, who blessed our tent before the show on Saturday:

“We give thanks to the Source of Talent, Joy and Creativity in the universe, and the Force that has kept us in life, nurtured us and brought us to this day. Amen.”

Take care,



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  2. Miriam Rosenblum says:

    Thanks for sharing Rabbi Ira Schiffer’s beautiful blessing.

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