Let’s Chat (a word about Snapchat)

Hey All,


I’ve plugged the Snapchat a couple of time on this blog and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all about the app and how we use it.  Snapchat is an app for smartphones that allows people to share photos and videos that doesn’t pile up over time.  Brevity is the name of the game!  This allows us to show you all a behind-the-scenes, up-to-the-minute look at our days here at camp that won’t pile up on your phone.  We will be posting Snap Stories all throughout the summer here at camp.  A Snap Story is a combination of photos and videos that are viewable for 24 hours after they are posted, you can watch them as many times as you want for as long as they are up.  “But Aaron,” I hear you say, “how can I see all of this amazing fresh content?”  Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get the App.  It’s available on nearly every app store for a smart mobile device.
  • Make an account, you just need a name and an email, it’s totally free.
  • Add “smirkuscamp” as a friend*, just swipe down when you are on the picture screen and tap “add friends” then type in our username “smirkuscamp”.
  • Once you are friends with us you should be able to swipe left to the “stories” screen and scroll down until you see Smirkus Camp, then tap on the name and the story will play.  (Another story might start playing after ours, just swipe down to exit)
  • Revel in the joy and wonder of Smirkus Camp!

Now a potentially confusing thing about this display is that it will sort all stories you haven’t seen at the top, so if you want to re-watch a story you have to scroll down past “recent updates” until you see the list of “All Stories” which will be sorted alphabetically. And remember all stories only last for 24 hours before they delete themselves so you won’t be able to re-watch indefinitely.

Don’t want to download Snapchat to your phone?  Don’t worry.  We will save and share the Smirkus Camp Story with campers and parents at the end of the week. This way you can enjoy the Smirkus Camp recap in the future!

And don’t forget that our Flickr is updated everyday with photos (that won’t disappear!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/smirkuscamp/

Hope this makes viewing our stories a snap for you!


*If you are hip to the Snapchat world here is our Snapcode for easy-peasy adding:


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