Session I a.k.a. Session FUN

Our first full week session of camp has come and the hits keep on rolling!  This session is big not only in camper numbers but in range.  Despite range of ages, and range of abilities, every single one of campers has been meet with challenge and magic here.


From kids who struggle to pull themselves onto the trapeze to kids who can virtually fly on the silks, everyone came ready to roll, and roll they have!  Acrobatics, Juggling, and Clowning have all been equally popular this week.  Ask any camper what their favorite thing is and the answers vary, “Dead or alive” (a clowning routine), “Diabolo,” “Mini-tramp,” “Rope,” “I can’t choose! Everything is at the same level of awesome.”


Campers had plenty of fun doing non-circus arts as well.  Harry Potter Story Time drew a following and dinner dress up has stirred up creative energies from nearly every single person on camp.  And Of Course Pie Day was a favorite (among the campers at least.)


Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight some of the incredible friendships that have blossomed here at camp.  There was a dinner when an entire cabin group erupted into tracks from Hamilton while they were waiting for their food.  Camp really has bloomed this week as staff and campers alike find the groove of the Smirkus rhythm.  The final night we had a happy circle of happiness which among many emotional thank yous, featured a compilation of the Snapchats from that week.  It was pretty great if I do say so myself and you can watch it here. And remember to check the Flickr account for even more photos!


Yours super excited for double the fun during Session II,


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