Rope Climbing and Little Sugar

As I’m writing this, we’ve finished setting up in St. Johnsbury. We said goodbye to Essex Junction and a packed house on Thursday and we’re hoping to get more of the same here in St. Johnsbury. So much has happened in the last few days so I’ll try my best to get you caught up.

clown paper

Photo courtesy of Robert Sanson

We had Local ABC 22 and Fox 44 come to the lot early last Tuesday so we could be a part of their morning show. We introduced host Alaina Pinto to all things circus including clowning, juggling, and lyra (aerial hoop) work. She saw a preview of our penny-farthing and learned a bit about the rigging system for our aerialists and wire-walkers, which is quickly becoming my favorite thing to learn about as well (while we’re on the subject, here is a completely unrelated photo of me learning how to climb a rope ladder. There is a trick to it!).


Just style and smile.

In case you missed it live cause you weren’t up early enough, here is a link to the morning show segment on the My Champlain Valley website. You will find some very cool circus content and Alaina is as charming on camera as she was in person.

Now for a really cute story! People often lose things under the bleachers when they’re at the circus and we try our best to get them back after the show, even if it seems like the Big Top eats them. However, we had a special guest return to the Big Top on Wednesday.

Tani Gonzalez wrote to us on our Facebook page to remind us of our joke show last year where her daughter, BG, lost her toy rabbit Little Sugar. As someone who was attached to their favorite stuffed animals far longer than I am comfortable admitting, I can understand how traumatizing that could have been. Imagine their surprise when they found out that Little Sugar had not only been located, but had been adopted into the Troupe! Apparently when Little Sugar was back home, she told her family all about her adventures at the circus. Mom and daughter then made the story into a book, illustrated by BG, and then bound. Tani said that she made a copy but BG and Little Sugar wanted Smirkus to have the original.


The authoresses plus little brother.

It’s currently making the rounds with the Troupers who wanted to read it but it will eventually have a permanent home at the barn. Here is a link to Tani’s Facebook page comment, if you want to read what she said and see some pictures from the book. Thank you so much to the Gonzalez Family!

The tents are up and ready in St. Johnsbury so hurry up and come see us here, July 2nd at 1 & 6 PM and July 3rd at 12 & 5 PM!


The view from up on that rope ladder taken by LeeAnn, our lighting technician.


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