Double the Session, Double the Fun

We are about halfway through with Session II and it’s been jam-packed with excitement already.

Last night we saw the 2016 Big Top Tour, Up, HUP and Away!, which was fun and exciting for lots of people: Counselors Lucy and Abby got to see their brother Ivan perform, Clown Coach Chase Culp (a former trooper 11-13) got to revisit old friends and personally I got to see the tour for the 16th year (in a row.)  Of course for all of us it was nice to see former campers performing their hearts out, and see present campers revel in the magic the circus arts they love.

Speaking of love, we have been loving Session II!  From the moment they arrived the campers were full of energy and eager to get into the swing of things here.  Most of our campers are returning in Session II which means lots of traditions of Smirkus camp have been met with eager anticipation: skill work, dress-ups, capture the flag, the camper talent show, excitement is at an all time high.

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But of course the best is yet to come with some big events like the staff show on their way, along with the Camper Showcase on the last day of the session.  As always, follow SmirkusCamp on Snapchat to keep up with our daily shenanigans.


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