Happy Campers All Around

It’s a trope, but we’ve got happy campers! When we last saw our heroes they were eagerly anticipating the joys of the second week of camp, and they got that in spades!  We had a glorious chill day and a staff show bursting with talent.  Not to mention a visit from our founder and new best friend, Rob Mermin.  And of course, some breathtaking fashions on the gravel carpet for dinner dress-ups.

It’s not been all silliness though, the campers buckled down and honed some seriously cool acts for the show.  Everything from your traditional ball juggling acts to some crazy dance globe and funky clown bits.  From the goofy to the dramatic to the so-dramatic-it’s-goofy, This. Show. Has. Everything.

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It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye to some of these goof-balls and, I think, hard for some of them to say goodbye to their friends they made here.  But as we saw during registration many of these campers keep coming back and picking up old friendships without missing a beat every year, so I’ve got a feeling these campers will stay happy, even if it gets a little weepy tonight.

Speaking of happy, we shot a one take music video this week we like to call “Happy Campers.”  It was an absolute joy to make, and all the campers got really into it, you can watch it here.

And as always you can re-watch this session’s CampChat story here. 

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  2. Miriam Rosenblum says:

    Great one-shot video!! Lots of fun to watch and I’m sure it was lots of fun for everyone to make!!

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