Freshness Guaranteed

We are mid way through the summer now with Session III!  It’s been a blast of a week here in Greensboro with a full slate of campers coming in to experience their time in the magic of Smirkus.  From climbing to the cupola of Mamma Mia to rolling on the floor of Natalie, and it almost goes without saying, rocking some serious new-wave fashions on the Gravel Carpet to Dinner.  Camp is really getting into its groove as we hurdle forward through the summer.

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Some may wonder how as a staff we keep things fresh and exciting into our third time around, naturally everyone has their own ways.  Of course the campers are pretty much new each session but there have also been some rotation in the staff.  From our Nurses: Alice (our long term nurse), Julia (Session I) and now Sequana (Session III).  Each in their way has helped our campers through the occasional soreness that comes with long days of circus training.

Also changing in our staff line-up is our Counselors in Training!  We have had a bunch of CITs over the sessions here this summer, all under the impeccable leadership of one of our Assistant Camp Directors, Allie Browne.  Allie has revamped the CIT program this year to help these young adults become not only better counselors but better leaders in other parts of their lives. And it has really shown!  As part of this new program the CITs each leave a project behind at camp that will enhance the experience for the new generation of campers. The picnic table painting and common room design pictured below were created by CITs!

Though our routine doesn’t change at camp very much the landscape of our campers and even our staff does.  We said our goodbyes to Aerial Coach Liza this week but we will be welcoming some new coaches for Session IV soon.  So things stay pretty fresh over the summer (even if some of the people don’t always smell that way at the end of a day of training.)

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