Back Home in Greensboro

Dear Smirkus Friends and Family,

What can I say folks? After seven weeks on the road it is good to be back home in Greensboro, Vermont. Traveling and working with a circus made this a summer like none other I’ve ever had. It’s hard work, odd and long hours, but no other job I’ve had has allowed me such a connection with my coworkers and of course the Troupers. Things are slowing down, but we’re by no means done yet!

We spent the first part of this week in Montpelier, Vermont. Montpelier is near and dear to Smirkus as we’ve been going there nearly since our founding. It’s also the home of our founder, Rob Mermin. It is evident that Montpelier feels the same way about us because they welcomed the Troupers with a parade sponsored by the local community vitality nonprofit, Montpelier Alive!

State Lawn

before parade

A bit of acro juggling warmup before the parade.

Staff and their dogs were also welcome to join in the fun. I had a great time teaching the basics of juggling to some very eager students on the State House lawn until the Troupers showed us how it was really done.

Later we had a completely improvised pie fight led by our very own Artistic Director and Boss Clown, Troy Wunderle.

We also had our annual Staff vs. Trouper kickball game. Staff emerged victorious but the Troupers put up a good fight and were good sports about it.

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We have three more shows to go including our infamous Joke Show Friday evening. Tickets are still available but they are going fast. We’re not ready to say goodbye for the summer yet!

Take care,



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