The Spirit of Session V

There’s a busy week at camp and then there’s session V busy!  Everyone at camp has been putting in the sweat and love required to make not one but THREE independent shows that culminate into the Session V experience. Our Roadshow people have been hitting the road over the past week and visiting everything from nursing homes, to children’s centers, to Church Street in Burlington. Our campers have brought the joy and the magic of circus performance to so many adoring people in the community.

Another subsection of the session is the Individual acts.  A handful of campers take one on one time with their mentors to create a short solo performance in their chosen discipline.  They also take some time to come together as a group to weave together a show with group numbers to boot!

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And finally we have our Ensemble track campers.  These experienced campers choose a theme, create acts and put together a one-of-a-kind show.  They combine their excellent skills and, with the leadership of their coaches, create some amazing collaborative acts.

On the last night of every session, we finish the week in the tent with all the campers gathered together in a “happy circle of happiness.” So named because the outpouring of gratefulness for the Smirkus Camp experience move many to tears of joy.  This week, our campers were grateful for the acceptance they find here at camp, and how they can all be who they really are at camp.  It was inspiring to hear how many campers didn’t want to leave camp because they feel truly at home here.  It’s hard to put into words the atmosphere and the spirit of this session, but suffice it to say that love for each other and for the magic of circus is as abundant as air.


With you in Spirit,


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