The 2017 Big Top Tour Theme!

The Circus Barn is abuzz with excitement and activity – acceptance letters to Live Auditions have gone out and we want to congratulate all the talented and hard working young people who auditioned. The Big Top Tour has invited 45 applicants from across the country to join us for Live Auditions in January. An enormous HUP, HEY! to everyone who auditioned, your spirit of adventure shines through and is an inspiration to us all!

Speaking of adventure… The 30th Anniversary of the Big Top Tour will be a literal tent-full of it! This year’s show follows a group of intrepid adventurers who spend an exhilarating night inside a magical museum. Follow these Jurassic jugglers, aeronautical aerialists, courageous clowns, and wily wire walkers as they explore a sleepy museum that springs to life. Click here to watch the video reveal!  


The Big Top Tour is putting the final touches on the Tour route and schedule, the creative team is brainstorming MIDNIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, auditionees are developing their individual acts for Live Auditions, and the hiring process for our incredible summer staff will begin shortly as well. Things are beginning to pick up steam and we can’t wait to explore this museum of life with you.

Stay tuned for more updates,

The Big Top Tour

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