The circus is hiring!

IMG_7314_viewJoin us this summer on Breezy Avenue hilltop for a summer camp gig like no other! Smirkus Camp is seeking nurturing, enthusiastic and versatile coaches who specialize in clowning, acrobatics, aerial arts, and juggling. Camp is also hiring a skilled Head Rigger to support tent operations! At Circus Smirkus Camp, you’ll be an integral part of a team that upholds Smirkus Camp values- cooperation over competition, friendship, a love of learning, and fostering life-changing adventures in the circus arts.

Interested applicants should send their resume, cover letter, Smirkus job description, and promo video to Visit the employment page for more information.

Handy in the kitchen? Smirkus Camp is also hiring a Specialty Cook for vegetarian and gluten free campers! View the job application here.


See you in Greensboro!

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